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Overview Information
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Online Booking and Purchase
Unless otherwise stated on the website, The Operator will act as agent for a third party service provider and distributor for all the products and services you purchase on this website. You can place an order or may make purchases of products and services online at this website. A contract of sale and purchase of products and services can be done online at this website with your acceptance of products and services offered on the Website (“the Contract”) by third party providers and / or distributors and / or where stated, the Operator and you hereby agree to the validity or enforceability of the contract that was signed on the website though is created in electronic form, not in the form of printed paper and / or signed or sealed. Please note that by showing your receipt for the purchase of products or services offered on this website, you are required to complete the transaction. You are responsible for checking the reservations and / or purchases made containing correct information (including date, name and time) before proceeding to the payment stage. Operators and third party providers and distributors are entitled to rely on information contained in your order and are not responsible for any errors that may exist in your reservation and / or purchase.

Third-party providers of travel services
You may be bound by the terms and conditions imposed by the travel service provider for operators who act as an agent including conditions of carriage, refund and cancellation policy for flights, hotels, tours, etc. The Operator is not liable for any claims against the fulfillment or non-fulfillment, or not satisfying any of the products and services you purchase, that is not limited to, airlines, hotels, tour operators, insurance companies, and other entities. At the time the airlines and other travel providers experience the fulfillment of a passenger flight or flight schedule changes, so for that Operator is not responsible for the non fulfillment.

For ordering all purchased products and services required fulfillment and documentation, such as the issuance of airplane tickets and hotel vouchers. Eligibility required during normal business hours. Thus for each reservation request requires a minimum time limit in accordance with the terms and conditions of the type of products and services that will be purchased.
The Operator shall not be liable for any claims, damages or compensation against non-fulfillment on the purchase of products or services between the time of booking and departure time. Please always make sure to hold a passport with at least 6 (six) months validity expiration. Responsibility to ensure the correct travel documents of passengers is concerned. The Operator reserves the right to refuse any booking or purchase for any reason and is not responsible for any claims resulting in loss, damage or compensation.

Specific terms and conditions for products and services
Certain products and services have their own specified terms and conditions in addition to the Terms and Conditions. It is important for you to get and read the terms and conditions which apply to certain products and services as they may contain exclusions and limitation of liability other terms and conditions, including restrictions on changes or cancellations.

Stated explicitly that all prices listed on this site do not include Value Added Tax (VAT), levies, fees, airport pick-up fee and any other charges along with fines or interest payable due to your negligence. You must pay the amount required to pay under this provision in full compliance with the request. All displayed prices for products and services are subject to change and prices are not final until full payment for such purchase of products and services has made. The booking fee is may payable for multiple bookings. You have to pay airport tax when needed. Some airlines or travel service providers may charge a fuel surcharge that may not be reflected in the prices shown and shall be as extra charge. Routing restrictions and other special conditions may apply.

Payment for the full amount required after you finish an order. Payment must be made through the website by credit card, KlikBCA, or Automated Teller Machine (ATM). If you pay with KlikBCA or Automated Teller Machine (ATM) then you have to send a confirmation of payment or contact our customer service as soon as you have made the payment. If not, then your payment might not be confirmed so may result in a delay process your booking confirmation. After your reservation has been confirmed then an e-ticket, hotel voucher or confirmation of payment will be issued only valid if your credit card payment has been confirmed or your payment has been received in our account. Please note that your reservation will be automatically release if we have not received the payment or we have not received the confirmation from you within 2 hours after the reservation made.

Booking and Cancellation for Purchase
Please note that terms and conditions for cancellation of bookings and purchases will vary for each product and service. Referring to the terms and conditions for a specific product or service, can be checked through our Sales and Customer Care office during office operating hours. If there are no terms and conditions for a specific product or service, you may cancel the booking or purchase by contacting The Sales and Customer Care or by visiting one of our branches during office operating hours. Cancellation, at your request, might not be allowed or may require a minimum processing time of different periods, in accordance with the terms and conditions that are specific to the type of products or services purchased. All cancellations of hotel reservation will be charged 10 percent of the transaction value and Administrative Fee. We need to info that the VAT and the cost of administration cannot be returned as these fees are paid to third parties. You agree to bear the full costs of cancellation, booking and administration fees for any products or services ordered but not used for any reason. In some cases, The Operator will charge additional cancellation fee and / or fee changes imposed by travel service providers.

Changes to Booking and Purchasing
You must know about the terms and conditions for changes of bookings and purchases will vary for each product and service , subject to the terms and conditions of each product or service. If there is no terms and conditions specific to a particular product or service, you CANNOT change your order or online purchase at this website. You can change your order or purchase online by contacting our Sales Department and our Customer Care team or by other means, which is visiting one of our branches during office operating hours. You can also send an email to our Sales Department and our Customer Service Team. However, we need time for 1 (one) working days to respond to an email request. Changes, at your request, must be received by the Operator at least 7 (seven) calendar days prior to travel or use to be effective and may be subject to an administration fee that you have to be borne in full.

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Additional Provision
Additional terms and conditions apply to reservations, purchases of products and services and other uses of portion of this site will be informed to you. If you do not agree to abide by the terms and conditions, including terms and conditions that apply in relation to certain products and services, then we will have rights to cancel your reservations.

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